2019/20 S1 Summer Bridging Programme cum Pre-S1 Information Day


The 2019/20 S.1 Summer Bridging Programme was held successfully from 21-24 August 2019. Over 200 S.1 students attended the bridging programme to equip themselves as Pooikeinians. Parents were also invited to share their learning outcome on the Pre-S1 Information Day on 24 August 2019.

                                                                      Proud parents were excited to spot their children in the performance of the school hymn

Mr. William Lee conveyed the School’s expectations to fresh Pooikeinians

The students were devoted in fellowship

                                                                         The students showed enthusiastic response in the Mathematics lesson

Getting to know their new best friends in the ice-breaking activity

Mr. Samuel Lui led the students to sing the school hymn

First experience of a morning assembly in SPKC

 “Unity is strength” – team building activity