10th Anniversary Celebration SPKC Leader Forum Series III—Love and Care Mr. Kee Chi Hing


傑出領袖座談會 (III)—紀治興先生
The Mission of SPKC is to prepare tomorrow’s leaders with high self-esteem, love and care, globalized vision, uphold life-long learning and Christian values. As one of the highlights of SPKC’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, renowned guest speakers are invited to give a series of talks for all Pooikeians.
In December, we are honoured to have invited Mr. Kee Chi Hing, School Management Committee member of SPKC to join our Leader Forum on the topic of Love and Care.
Mr. Kee Chi Hing was former Hewlett-Packard (HP) Vice President and Hong Kong Managing Director. Before retirement, Mr. Kee had worked in HP for 26 years. He is a member of the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee of Home Affairs Bureau and the board director of Fullness Christian Vocational Training Centre.
During his term of office in Hewlett-Packard, Mr. Kee improved the turnover of China HP Services business, which he grew 10 times in 6 years. He turned around the profitability of China PC factory and China PC business in 6 months. He had also recovered the growth of Hong Kong business when he was assigned to be the Managing Director of Hong Kong. After retirement, Mr. Kee got Master degrees on Christian Studies from Chinese University and actively participates in the social enterprise movement in Hong Kong.
Mr. Kee Chi Hing shared his unique perspective towards social enterprise and encouraged students to take more care for others
Mr. Kee (left) and our Vice-Principal, Mr. William Lee (right) exchanged opinion on “Love and Care” issues with our students
Students participated actively in the forum
Principal Yuen presented souvenir to Mr. Kee