S1 Admission

2020/21 Secondary 1 Admission Application

Notes for Applicants

Important Dates 
1 Nov
30 Nov &
7 Dec
  • Admission Briefing Days
9 Dec
  • Deadline for hard copy application
20 Dec
  • Deadline for online application


  1. Application Submission
    Application can be submitted through the online system or in paper format by hand or by post. The applicant should only opt for ONE submission format. Duplicate submissions will be rendered null and void.
    1. Online Application
      The online application platform will be accessible on 1 November 2019. Applicants shall complete the online application form and upload the required supporting documents.
    2. Application in Paper Format
      IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is important that the email address you provide is correct as notifications (including Interview Invitation and Offer Letter) will be sent only via email. The School will send an email & SMS notification to the main contact person by  21 December 2019. If you do not receive them, please contact our General Office.
      1. In person
        1. Please submit the completed application form with the required documents to the General Office during office hours.
      2. By post
        1. Please post the completed application form with the required documents to 56 Siu Lek Yuen Road, Shatin.
        2. “2020/21 S1 Admission Application” should be indicated at the lower left corner of the envelope.
        3. Parents should ensure the mail bears sufficient postage by weight. Please note that Hong Kong Post will not provide door delivery for underpaid mail items and the School will not collect the mail from the post office or pay the surcharge for the applicants. You are advised to write the sender’s address on the envelope.
  2. Application Deadline
    9 December 2019 – Deadline for hard copy application
    20 December 2019 – Deadline for online application
  3. Interview & Criteria
    1. Selected applicants will be invited to attend an interview in January 2020. Details will be sent by EMAIL in early January.
    2. Admission criteria of the School are primarily based on the applicant’s academic achievements, conduct, performance in extra-curricular activities and interview performance.
  4. Result of Application
    Applicants will be notified of the result of the application by the end of April 2020.
  5. Fee Remission
    Students from families receiving the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA), students receiving financial assistance provided by the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (Student Finance Office) are eligible for school fee remission. Other students with financial needs may also apply. Details of SPKC Student Financial Assistance and Scholarship Scheme are available here . For further information, please contact the General Office.
  6. Enquiry
    For enquiries, please contact our General Office.
    Phone : 2345-4567
    Email : admission@spkc.edu.hk


  • 中一入學簡介日
  • 書面申請截止
  • 網上申請截止
  1. 遞交申請
    申請人可透過網上系統申請、郵寄或親臨本校遞交書面申請。 網上或書面申請只可二擇其一,如重複遞交,申請則予作廢。
    1. 網上申請
    2. 書面申請
      1. 親身遞交
        1. 請於辦公時間內把填妥之申請表及所需文件交至本校校務處。
      2. 郵寄遞交
        1. 請把填妥之申請表及所需文件郵寄至沙田小瀝源路56號。
        2. 信封面左下角應註明「二零二零/二一年度中一入學申請」
        3. 請確保郵件按重量貼上足夠郵票。請注意,香港郵政將不會上門派遞郵資不足的郵件,校方亦不會派員到郵政局領取有關郵件或代為繳付欠資費用。校方建議家長在信封上清楚寫上寄件人地址
  2. 截止申請日期
    十二月九日  書面申請截止
    十二月二十日 網上申請截止
  3. 面試及甄選準則
    1. 面試將於一月進行本校將於二零二零年一月上旬以電子郵件通知獲邀的申請人進行面試。
    2. 錄取標準以申請人的學業成績、操行、課外活動表現和面試表現為主。
  4. 申請結果
  5. 學費減免
  6. 查詢
    電話: 23454567
    電郵: admission@spkc.edu.hk